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Loudness supply sound services for Cyndi Lauper sold out concerts in São Paulo

Cyndi Lauper, one of the most successful singers in pop music in the '80s and true icon of that decade, returned to Brazil in February for two very successful concerts at Via Funchal, in São Paulo.The renowned American artist, which sold over 25 million records over 30-year career, did not become known worldwide from day to night. She had worked hard and acting in groups initially unknown and singing in bars. After a praised album with the band Blue Angel in 1980, she decided to face the individual career.
In 1983 she finally released her first solo album. "She's So Unusual" was one of the most successful works of that year, reaching a great position on the charts, something rare to a  unheard singer.Bands Girls Just Want to Make Fun, Time After Time, She Bop, All Through The Night Money Changes Everything invaded and schedules of radio stations, while their music videos to became a true fashion icon, copied by girls around the world.
In 1986, True Colors ballad remained at the top of the "charts" while his performances in concerts has helped her attract a loyal fan club in the four corners of the planet.Besides having a privileged voice, charisma on stage helped them out Cyndi Lauper to become one of the greats of pop rock of the 80s.Versatile, Cyndi also became a successful actress, working in the television series Mad About You and movies, besides being an activist in favor of important social causes.In his most recent album, Memphis Blues, she realized a lifelong dream: make a work devoted entirely to the blues, one of the genres she likes.Praised by critics and with great repercussions in terms of trade (reached the 26th place in the American pop charts), Memphis Blues features the special participation of B. B. King, Allen Toussaint, Johnny Lang, An Peebles and Brazilian saxophonist Leo Gandelman.
For Cyndi's concerts at Via Funchal, Loudness met the pop star and his team with Meyer Sound sound system M3D (18 elements) + 650P subs, and other fine speakers such as MSL-4, UPA1P, CQ1 & CQ2, UPM1P. The monitor system was chosen Meyer Sound UM1C .
The sound desks claimed by the artist's technical team were Yamaha PM5D RH for FOH and Digidesign Profile for controlling the monitor system.

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